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Ernst Manker; Lapparnas heliga ställen.
Kultplatser och offerkult i belysning av Nordiska Museets och Landsantikvariernas fältundersökningar. 1957 .


Kännetecken för Faeryvärlden beskrivs av prof. Butler i elfenprojektet. Av PhD Serena Roney-Dougal i hennes bok The Faery Faith, an integration of science with spirit. Av Rosemary Elle Guiley och Philip J. Imbrogno i deras bok The Vengeful Djinn, unveiling the hidden agendas of Genies.



This groundbreaking new book, Serena Roney-Dougal relates the world of Faery to magic, terrestrial magnetism, megaliths, apparitions and UFO reports. Written in a way that combines her scientific background with spirituality, this will appeal to people of all types.

A book about the worldview of people who experience faery reality.

After a brief outline of her scientific outlook into the pineal gland and its psi capabilities, Serena Roney-Dougal who has a PhD in Parapsychology (the exploration of psychic phenomena; telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis etc) , demonstrates her parameters in this book to be of intuition rather than slavish adherence to facts alone, that ''Seeing the Other-world is dependent on being able to see with one's mind's eye...not bound by the senses, but sensitive to vision, to dream...''. In this sense the book was a delight because Serena fears not to tread where others pause to proselytize about the different names given or inflections of pronunciation applied for example to the widespread existence of goddess or horned gods in ancient cultures and thus appear to refute their self evident similarities of spiritual identity.

I found her method at times to be both entertaining and pushing at the bounds of credibility, her employment of extended conjectures, stepping lithely from one circumstance to extrapolate that this means another thing and was likely therefore to support her thesis that a third or further outcome was probable. But as noted, this work follows paths of intuition rather than a rigorous fact based liturgy and as such her method is redolent of her subject, the paranormal worlds of Fae and elven enchantment do indeed push at the bounds of a possibly humdrum credibility. If you are not open to the limitless range of possibilities in a remarkable universe, then you might never see them after all - and if you do by some chance you will rationalize them out of all meaningfulness...

Whilst Serena is a qualified researcher in parapsychology and does by the way provide relevant references in the extensive index of her book, she also succinctly and simply portrays an enlightening insight into how the myths and legends of yore present an insight into other levels and realms of existence coexisting with our own reality. The book goes on to provide many inspiring accounts of how the same Fae and elven energies of earth and beyond are now resurgent in more modern myths and experiences of fairy and elven visitations, ghostly presences and Ufo abductions.

I particularly liked this quote that she included which describes a 'place' outside of physical space 'Faeryland exists as a super-normal state of consciousness into which people may enter in dreams, trance, ecstatic condition or for an indefinite period at death...it can have no other limits than that of the universe itself' (Lady Gregory 1979).

Incorporating her accounts of the latest views of quantum science, which identifies that our own cognition is a causative effect influencing the outcome of physical events, with the earlier magickal traditions which by various means sought to interact and cooperate with these energies at an elemental level and beyond, drawing on her scientific work with the pineal gland sometimes called the third eye, and the body's natural cycles and other possible brain states that make us receptive to signals and vibrations of unseen or parallel worlds, Serena provides some scientific validation of the basis for these psychic phenomena and much food for thought.

In my opinion Serena successfully portrays the result that the many ancient mythological and modern accounts as well as the scientifically studied psychic phenomena do demonstrate when considered together, that each of us is potentially aware at some level of the natural magic and interconnectedness of ourselves with the earth and infinite universe. ''I feel the faery faith today to be a resurgence in animism, a love of the earth, of nature, aware of spirit immanent in all matter, aware that my body is the temple of my soul, that I am spirit made manifest, that everything I do reverberates throughout the whole universe, that I am a part of the whole and contain the whole within me.... (&) the deities are understood in their abstract mythical form...''

Clearly and coherently joining the spiritual, metaphysical and psychological dots with their manifestations in the physical realms, presenting the faery faith as an awareness of and cooperation with the subliminal and super natural forces of which we are also made and that are virulent in nature and across the universe,

I recommend this accessible book to everyone who has ever wondered,

and who is able to follow Fae reasoning as it skips

into the new vistas of the para-normal.

Enchanted We Are

& Blessed Be









24 heliga platser världen över http://www.expressen.se/res/24-heliga-platser-varlden-over/

Kristendomens heliga platser

Var går gränsen för tankens makt?

Åke Lindgrens forskning och erfarenheter

Mysterious energy beam above the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun


UFO över Lövåsen i Wilhelmina 1967

How to find a UFO portal

Platsen kommer att uppdateras med mer information!

Den här boken presenterar den forskning som Rosemary  Ellen Guilley  och Philip J. Imbrogno gjort om de mystiska interdimensionella varelserna som kallas  Djinner.

De är inte precis godhjärtade och vänliga utan har en dold agenda mot den mänskliga rasen.

The E.L.F.E.N. Project

(Elemental Life Form Encounters in Nature)

This Web site addresses the world of elves, gnomes, fairies and other little people from the perspectives of a respected University scientist and research team based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Background on this study, important conclusions and many findings are included on the site. This North American project primarily studies encounter experiences of people with nature elementals and is the most modern information source on the subject. A questionnaire is available for new contributions.

Have you....?

met a "little person" no higher than your knee, on a quiet wooded trail?

had a tree speak to you when you were alone?

ever wondered if such things really happen today?

And if so, what do they mean?

That’s what we investigate.

And we do it in a serious and confidential way.

Prof Jim Butler


Ny bok ”Heligt Landskap”

Heligt landskap

Jörgen I Eriksson och Jonas Unger har arbetat med boken i drygt två år som ett led i ett projekt med att kartlägga, aktivera och skydda heliga platser. Bokens titel är Heligt landskap – Platser för kraft och kunskap. Över 100 heliga platser beskrivs. Boken innehåller också översiktliga kapitel om vad heliga platser är, hur de kan skyddas, aktiveras och även nyskapas samt ett kapitel om helighet och vardaglighet i Sápmi. Detta är en guidebok in i det heliga landskapet och den icke-ordinära verkligheten, Drömtiden.  Eftersom våra landskap är översållade med heliga platser och en fullständig sammanställning är omöjlig att göra har vi gjort ett någorlunda representativt urval av platser som har olika karaktär, historia och funktion. Här finns allt från mega-kraftplatser som Omberg, Blå Jungfrun och Ales stenar till mer eller mindre okända lokala heliga platser som Storebergs labyrint i centrala Göteborg, Södra Härene ödekyrka i Västergötland och Spjuthällen i Uppland.


262 sidor häftad; 80 färgfoton. ISBN 978-91-978832-4-5.

Pris: 200 kr (inklusive moms).

Beställ genom att skicka en e-post till jorgen.i.eriksson@bredband.net eller norrshaman@gmail.com Ange vilka böcker, hur många ex du vill ha och vart de ska skickas. Jag bekräftar per mejl och meddelar då vilket belopp som ska sättas in på plusgiro 4229295-3 Jörgen I Eriksson. Beställningen skickas inom 1-2 dagar och skickas som 1:a klassbrev enligt Postens taxa. Böckerna går också att beställa via Adlibris, Bokus och Bokbörsen.